Pokemon Amie - Slakoth

Requested by cosmicarena


Pokeddex Day 06: Favourite Rock Type

… Rock is another type I never think about. I was gonna cop out and draw Onix, but caught a glimpse of Rampardos. Now, I know next to nothing about this generation of Pokémon (D/P?) but goddamn, this is a cool dude. Look, we need to have more dinosaur Pokémon. Need

Now with teeth! Oh, it looks better with those.


Took a break from the palette challenge (I still have a couple of those to do, and I’m still accepting suggestions) to draw a very possible new entry for my team on the pokèmon RPG. Those flower look strange, I know XD

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1.30h, Paint Tool SAI


I will never get over the fact that Masquerain’s antennae are not the wings???


No 248 - Tyranitar "If it rampages, it knocks down mountains and buries rivers. Maps must be redrawn afterward." 


I wanted some nice colors and Mega Altaria 


mega audino looking mega pink